Bored with the usual Learning Method? Try These 6 Unique Ways!

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School, or college does not just make you have to understand the material delivered, you also need to get a good grade in order to pass with satisfactory results. But often, studying in school is not enough to understand all the material. As a result, you also have to repeat it again at home.

Actually there are many learning tricks that you can apply. Among other things, there are some ways that are not common but can make learning so much easier. For example, the following ways:

  1. Watch Video on Youtube

You may often go to YouTube to watch tutorial makeup, or vlog video bloggers. But do not forget that there are so many videos on YouTube, one of them is a lesson video. Watching fun videos is also helpful when you’re tired of reading journals, and thick books.

  1. Learn with a Loud Voice

Compared to just reading a book with a voice in your heart, you can try to read it aloud. You become easier to remember when reading while listening to your own voice.

  1. Laugh

This way you can try while learning with friends. As long as it’s not joking that does not focus on learning, laughter actually makes it easy to remember something. For example, you become easier to remember the ‘moment’ laugh occurs while learning what material. By itself, the material is so remembered.

  1. The Relaxing Way Before the Trials

Maybe you’ll be nerveous before the exam. You need to calm down in order to work on a problem with a stable mind. Try to relax for 20 minutes before the exam while remembering slowly learned material.

  1. Take Time to Sleep

The lessons, and the accumulated material may force you to continue learning. But do not forget that your body and brain also need rest. Take time to sleep so your brain can strengthen memory. Because without sleep, it is possible that various materials will only accumulate, and difficult to be parsed again.

  1. Teach Others

Learning not only can be done by studying the material alone. If you have enough master of a material, then do not hesitate to spread knowledge to friends. Because while teaching others, just as you review the material for yourself. In addition, you also know in detail exactly which material you have not fully understood.

Those are the unusual ways you can apply before the exams to make learning easier.

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