Educational Game in Class That Can Practice Problem Solving

Educational Game in Class That Can Practice Problem Solving

Educational game are that aim to stimulate and train children’s brain development and stimulate children’s creative thinking. Children need special methods to be able to stimulate their development. They are different. We cannot match them like adults who are able to think concretely or abstractly in improving their skills.

As previously known, the real world of children is the world of play. Thus, educational games are the best way to educate and stimulate a child’s brain in a fun way. Children can get many benefits for their brain maturity and stimulation such as social stimulation, emotional, physical, spiritual, and of course cognitive stimulation. Do you know teachers? We can train children’s problem solving abilities through educational games, you know! With educational games, this activity can provide motivation and stimulate children to explore and experiment. Teachers can also clarify the subject matter that they want to give to children.

There are various choices of educational games that can stimulate problem solving skills in children and can be done in the classroom. Check out the following reviews!

1. Puzzles

A puzzle or disassembly toy is a game that arranges an image or object that has been split into several parts. This toy has been around since the 18th century, you know! Putting puzzles together is good for honing children’s problem solving skills because they have to find which pieces of the picture fit and then combine them to form a complete puzzle. In addition to training children’s problem solving abilities, puzzles are also able to train their logic and motor skills.
As a first step, the teacher can choose a simple type of puzzle so it doesn’t confuse the child. When the child has successfully completed an easy puzzle, parents can buy a puzzle with a more difficult level so that the child’s ability to solve problems will be further honed.

2. Blocks and legos

The second educational game that can improve children’s problem solving skills is blocks and lego. The game consists of various geometric pieces that have various colors. Later, the child must arrange in such a way as to form the desired object.
This game will train children’s problem solving because they are required to have imagination of various forms of buildings or objects and how to arrange the pieces of the blocks into the desired building or object. With blocks and lego, children can build robots, houses or other objects.

3. Board games

Board game or board game is a type of game that requires two or more players. There are various types of games of this type. Some use coins, pawns, dice, cards, and more. The rules for each type of board game are different. Some examples of board games that we commonly hear about are monopoly, snakes and ladders, risk, and scrabble.
Board games can improve children’s problem solving skills because these games require thinking power to build a strategy so that they get a higher score than other players so that they come out victorious.