November 30, 2023
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What Are Good Topics To Write Articles About?
Training For Employees In Early Childhood Schooling And Care Must Promote Practices That Foster Children’s
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What Are Good Topics To Write Articles About? EducationCity Training For Employees In Early Childhood Schooling And Care Must Promote Practices That Foster Children’s

Electronic Communication Can Be the Key to Success

Have you ever wondered how you can best get your students and or parents of the students to work closer together? Many schools offer bulletin boards and send home school newspapers, but have you ever wondered how you can get everyone to be on the same page at the same time at a faster rate? Technology has developed significantly over the years and has allowed this to happen. There are many apps available today that allow people in general to have stronger communication. Students are used to text messaging and or calling each other but no one has time to sit there and send out a massive group text message to every single person individually. But a convenient way would be to send one message out to one electronic app and it would reach everyone you wanted it to reach or that is a part of your community immediately. Electronic communication using Apps can be the new key to success within schools.

The only time students, teachers and parents get to communicate is during the hours of school unless it’s after hours that’s made by appointment only. Wouldn’t it be convenient if teachers, students and our parents can all communicate together at any time of the day? Of course, this would not be made a requirement at all, but to have the option for students and their parents to check a specific app to follow up with current news with the school would be a great way for both parents and students to be much more engaged with school important events. According to, the more parents were involved with school related activities with their children, children were reported to have higher grades. The more parents are involved with their children and their school, parents can understand what exactly is expected of their children and to make sure that they are able to help their children complete these expectations.

Some teachers and parents may feel that having smartphones in the classroom is a bad idea because it becomes a distraction of their learning. However, there are many teachers who think that smartphones may be a great idea. According to, some teachers allowed their students to work on peer-editing apps that is purely educational and helps them be more technical as well as increases their multi-tasking skills. There are about 80 percent of student estimated to have smart phones in their possession in school today. Teachers can utilize smartphones to their advantage. For example, some teachers have morning meeting ideas where they can simply send out a message to the App that will immediately send out notifications to everyone.

All in all, utilizing smartphones in the school systems may be an advantage to not just students and teachers but the parents. Parents can receive the same messages that their students receive. Parents can be more engaged with their students, which will allow them to help their students succeed. It is important for the parents to be more involved in their student’s school work. But, many parents are not aware of what their students are doing in school because there is no or little communication. The app will increase the amount of engagement between all students, parents, and the school.