Getting Kids Adjusted After a Move

Whether you’ve relocated to a new state or a new city, you’ll need to find resources to help your children get acclimated quickly, particularly if you’ve moved during the school year. Consider your options so the kids can move smoothly through the transition, academically and socially.

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Visit the School

After you’ve considered the public offerings in your home district or decided on one of several private schools in Redmond WA, reduce the first-day jitters by letting your children tour the school beforehand. Arrange a time through the district or school’s administrator for the family to check out the classroom, playground, cafeteria and bathrooms. This may help them feel more at ease and comfortable in their surroundings when it’s time to attend.

Set Up a Sitter

If you’ll need after school care or plan to leave your kids at home while you’re attending work or social functions, finding a reliable babysitter is vital. Consider narrowing the field to a few possibilities that meet your criteria, then having your children spend some time with each of them while you’re around. Choose the one that they seem to relate to and enjoy hanging out with the most.

Form a Playgroup

Even if your children plan to keep in touch with old friends back home, help them get off on the right foot in your new area by meeting additional acquaintances. Set up playdates with families in the neighborhood or hold a housewarming party where they can meet the kids organically. You can also sign them up for activities through a community center, church or youth group where they’ll meet others in their age group.

Finding the proper people and places that will make your children feel welcomed and comfortable in your new neighborhood is key. With a little research and planning, you’ll be able to prepare and involve your children, making the move as simple and exciting as possible.

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