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Is it difficult to find work aged over 30?

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Why when we are over 30 or 35 and above it is difficult to get the desired job even though there is enough work experience? Is it really difficult to find work in your 30s? Between yes and no. You need to know that you can search and choose jobs according to your dreams and skills at https://www.criterionasia.com/.

You are pickier

With so much experience you have, you will definitely be more careful in choosing your next job. You will make sure that the job description matches what you want to do, you worry whether your boss and coworkers are cool, whether the salary and benefits offered are up to your standards.

Your lifestyle is high? Surely you will choose a job with a high salary. Or, are you really traveling around Indonesia and the world? You will find a job with a large amount of leave. Maybe you prefer the freedom of work? Companies that allow work from home can be the ideal company for you.

You already have priorities

In their 20s, maybe not much is considered at work. As you get older, there must be some responsibilities that you carry. For those who are married, you will make sure that you can support the family. For those of you who are still single, at least your income is enough to pay monthly bills and finance your lifestyle. You will find work that can be in line with the priorities in your life right now. This can make you feel that getting the job you want is more difficult.

You want to ‘swerve’

During this time, you worked in one field and now want to ‘swerved’ to another field. If this is what you are doing, look for ways so that the collected career capital or career capital is not in vain. “Career Capital” is a metaphor, like the chunks of gold that you get for years building expertise, experience, connections, and reputation.

Looking for a job at any age does have its challenges, so don’t give up quickly! Prepare yourself as well as possible in finding a new job.