Pushing a team to be more organized and productive is sometimes challenging to every leader in any company/organization. The team not only has to do with technical skills, but it has to do with the management of people in it. Many leaders are stressed with this situation. On one side, the business owners have waited for the results that lead to the company’s goals. On the other hand, the development of the team has not been running well. If you want to develop a solid team, Hidden Door is the right choice. Visit their website at

Here is the cause of your team hard to develop:

The absence of an obvious leadership structure

It is very important for the leaders in the organization or the company to keep the performance stable. When everyone in the organization loses their enthusiasm, the leader must be the most passionate person among the others. Leaders are demanded to be able to encourage and also develop their members.

No First Step

Different characteristics of members, also different ways of working. Apart from all the different types of human character that exist, the main challenge of leaders is to make the team move and take a step. Some people are easily doing new things and some people are often confused about their tasks.

Does the leader have to change the characteristics of the whole team? Of course not.

The art is how leaders create different work systems? How can a leader make a comfortable environment for his team to be creative? The goal is only to make a member not afraid of making mistakes even if only a simple step, important steps are taken. Simplification is the keyword for the first step. That way, the team will be provoked to become a creative, active, and more productive person.


What is done over and over again consistently, will become a habit.

The question is, how do you expect the members of the business to have productive habits if they don’t do it consistently?

This application should do to develop the team moves effectively. A developing organization moves from meeting to meeting. In the meeting, each member can meet and communicate with more focus. As if all the members of the team agreed that the meeting was something that could be tolerated. If something is more important, then the meeting will be delayed. In fact, conflicts can also be eliminated through routine and clear communication. This is one sources of problems that can affect other areas including team productivity. Scheduling and keeping scheduled meetings on time is an important thing. Be consistent and believe in the process.

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