Tips for Class 8 Students to Learn Maths

Tips for Class 8 Students to Learn Maths

Maths is a subject of practice which asks for concentration to learn. This subject makes you fall in love with it if shown proper interest. In Class 8, students will come across many exciting and new topics such as Rational numbers, Linear equations, Algebraic expressions, quadrilaterals, etc. These topics have been introduced to the students based on their learning skills and grasping capabilities.  Still, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to understand all the concepts at once. Therefore, it is suggested that students should adopt some new methods to learn Maths easily and quickly. So, here we are, with some useful tips for 8th standard students to gain good marks in Maths.

  • Organize your daily routine. Set a timetable, include your timings for study, play, eat and sleep. Paste this chart in your study table and follow it.
  • Get through the syllabus of 8th Class Mathematics and make a note of important topics to cover first.
  • Refer to the textbooks and class notes to study. Later you can practice through other reference books.
  • Do regular revision of the topics taught in your Maths class and practice problems based on them.
  • Finish your homework regularly.
  • Question if there are any doubts regarding any concept at the instant in class from your tutors.
  • Practice a lot more questions based on a particular concept to get precise knowledge.
  • Avoid learning by rote or memorizing the answers.
  • Study in groups with your fellow-mates and explain each other different topics.
  • Also, use some creativity to learn specific topics. For example, use sticks or scales to describe parallel lines, transversal, alternate angles, supplementary angles, etc.
  • Work on last year question papers and sample papers to have an idea of pattern in the final exam.
  • Always prepare yourself a month ago before the exam and avoid keeping anything pending for last minute.
  • Establish a permanent place to study at home, which has a low level of disturbance.
  • Take breaks in the middle of studies and avoid sitting for a longer duration. It will help to boost your studies and you will feel less tired.
  • Eat wholesome food, drink a lot of water at least 6-7 glasses a day, go and play outside for an hour, to keep yourself fit and fine.

These are the essential tips which learners should follow to learn and prepare for their exams. Add self-tips and become an expert in Maths.

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