Education can help eliminate poverty – Know the link between the two

The United Nations committed to the 2030 agenda for promoting sustainable development, they identified that eradicating and eliminating poverty in all its dimensions and forms was necessary. The biggest global challenge is extreme poverty as a large part of the population all over the world is drowning neck-deep in poverty. In fact, poverty is the one reason that is keeping the nations from attaining sustainable development.

With globalization and technological advancements, there is a transitioning nature to the global economy and it is being more vital than ever to invest in capital and make sure each and everyone has got skills enough to succeed. Did you know that 2 billion of the present day jobs are at risk of being replaced by automated gadgets by the end of 2030?

#1: Education has a strong role in diminishing poverty

Reports reveal that a straightaway 171 million people could be instantly lifted …

How To Find The Right School For Your Students

Finding the right school for your child is a very simple thing if you have come up with the right information about local schools. There are many ways for you to search for a wonderful school that serves your community or students like your child. There are some schools that have specific programs you might like, and there are others that will offer you a better environment or a location that is convenient. Look at all the information below so that you can find the correct school for your child. 

Where Is The School Located? 

The location of the school is very important because it plays into how you get your child to school and if you would send them to that school. There are schools that might be in your neighborhood, and there are others that might be a fair distance from your home. Choose the school that …