The importance of applications for Corporate Workforce Management (WFM)

In an advanced era like now, there are many applications that can facilitate our work, one of which is wfm solutions for a company.

To make it easier for employees in their work to be more efficient and not take much time, you need an application. Next, we will discuss functions to add features that you can use. Then later you can apply it to your company.

Basic Definition of Tambla Application

Tambla Application is an online software or solution for data entry and tracking.

In addition, in Tambla Application usually contains information about HR needs, payroll systems, management within the company, and accounting functions in business.

With Tambla Application, Human Resource Development (HRD) managers can track various information about employees such as personal data, employment, salary information, expenses, and others.

HRD managers can also limit who can access this system, which information can be seen by employees, and which can only be accessed by management.

Important information that you should know about Tambla Application, turns out to be incorporated in one of the modules in the ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system. Where can be integrated with several other modules needed by the company?

Just like the ERP system, Tambla is available in several types of solutions namely desktop software (on-premise), website-based software (cloud), and desktop and / or mobile applications.

Improve employee data security

The first function of implementing the Tambla Application is to improve employee data security. Because employee data is personal and should only be accessed by people who are interested.

The Tambla Application System allows the HRD manager to control who can access information in the system so that the risk of data theft can be minimized.

Facilitate the distribution of salaries

The process of distributing salaries is also one of the main tasks of an HR manager. So, with the Tambla application will make the payroll process faster.

A human error which is often the cause of errors in salary calculation can be corrected. Because the system calculates according to working hours and employee attendance.

Payroll evidence can be made in minutes and everything is stored in the system, so management and employees can easily track it.

Managers can also see payroll reports every month and see the salary components of each employee (benefits, overtime pay, etc.).

Monitor employee performance

Did you know, besides the benefits above, it turns out that the Tambla Application system makes it easy for management to identify employees who are developing quickly and which ones are slow?

With this Tambla Application, an HRD Manager can assign KPIs for each employee to then measure their achievements. This will certainly facilitate the management of human resources in your company in evaluating employees.

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