The Need of a Family Day at the Company for Employees

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Each employee spends an average of about 40 hours a week working in the office. If on average, employees spend 8 hours (for 5 working days) or 1/3 of their time to work. Because spending a fair amount of time at work. Employee comfort at work must be realized, one of them is by establishing intimacy and a sense of family within the company.

In order to realize this, the company can use the hidden door service to carry out leisure activities outside of work that involves all employees without exception. This activity can be a family day. Family day is a joint gathering activity aimed at companies or families that are packaged in recreational events, which are carried out in a pleasant atmosphere and inserted with some form of games (outbound, paintball, rafting, etc. that are tailored to the activities of tourist programs aimed at building familiarity, togetherness between individuals.

Then, what are the benefits of family day for a company? Here are some of the benefits of family day for a company:

Strengthening Relationships Between Employees

A keen leader can see the disharmony of relations in the office. It could be that it does not take the form of a conflict, but merely a grouping of employees. So that this condition does not worsen work efficiency and effectiveness, the company needs to break these circles so that new relationships are more open between employees.

Refreshing Means

Companies with high levels of pressure, fast and non-stop production processes certainly put employees under strong pressure. For this reason, many large companies or small companies have a high volume of work schedule family day activities.

Building Teamwork

Not always teamwork is always solid. Or, sometimes a company restructures to form new teamwork. If so, family day activities become mandatory to carry out.

Correcting Conflicts and Frictions

Almost no company is sterile from conflict and friction. High competition, income gaps, and heated relationships can be cooled through family day activities.

Yes, by holding a family day, this activity can reduce the hot atmosphere. A family day can be managed internally or take advantage of the Event Organizer. If a company with no more than 50 employees, the company can create a small committee for the event. But if it is felt to interfere with daily work, of course, utilizing the services of a vent organizer will be more efficient.

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