Why Choose Montessori Education for Your Child?

In your search for the best educational program for your child, you may be considering lots of options. Sammamish private schools may be the answer. A Montessori education can be the right choice because it’s centered around children and their abilities. This philosophy encourages children to independently develop into their academic, social and emotional self. A Montessori education can help your child become capable, accountable, and knowledgeable in their daily endeavors and throughout their future. According to various studies, students with a Montessori education had significantly higher achievement.

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Fostering Capability

A Montessori education helps children learn responsibility, whether that’s learning how to dress on their own, problem-solving with others or communicate their needs effectively. In the classroom setting, there are a variety of activities available for students to participate in. Students are given the liberty to choose the activity they wish to work with based on their interests.

Building Accountability

In a Montessori classroom, students are allowed to learn at their own pace. Instructors give them opportunities to practice and review coursework based on their own interests and capabilities. This helps hold them accountable for their own success in their academic studies. Students participating in a Montessori education can build more confidence in themselves because their instructors are entrusting them to determine their own success.

Gaining Knowledge

Montessori curriculum is typically divided into 3-year cycles, instead of the usual year-by-year expectations. This practice is based on the belief that all children learn at different paces. Throughout the Montessori classroom, students have the opportunity to learn complex concepts that exceed state learning standards. They can also engage in hands-on experiences that can help boost their knowledge and retention levels.

When trying to decide on what type of education for your child, be sure to take their unique abilities into account. After all, education should be centered around the child and their capabilities, and not on what works in general.

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