3 Tips to Staying Safe While at College

3 Tips to Staying Safe While at College

Moving away from home to attend university can be intimidating between managing your own living space and adjusting to a new city. One of the best ways you can help yourself feel at home is to take measures to ensure you stay safe at your new place. Use some of the tips below to keep yourself protected.

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Become Familiar with Local Services

Keep a list of emergency contact numbers in your home and on your phone so that you can call for help from the right agency at a moment’s notice. In addition to standard emergency services such as the local fire and police department, you will want to get familiar with the security options that your campus offers. When it comes to security services Miami and other large cities that house universities typically have an entire department or company on-site to help keep students safe. Figure out the best way to contact your security provider’s dispatch for basic assistance.

Lock Your Doors

Make it a habit to double-check your doors and windows when leaving your home. Exercise similar caution when it comes to locking up your home at night when everyone is going to sleep. To help avoid unauthorized entry, resist the urge of keeping a spare key hidden outside your doorway. Many popular spare key hiding places are more obvious than they would seem.

Learn to Navigate Your Campus

Go out of your way to learn how to navigate the entirety of your campus including areas where you don’t have any classes. Keep a campus map on hand at all times, whether it’s a physical copy you keep in your backpack or a digital copy you keep saved to your phone. This will help prevent you from getting lost when you’re on campus regardless of what time it is.

By taking the time to prepare yourself before jumping into university adventures, you can stay safe throughout the entirety of the school year.