Effective Ways to Increase Interest in Learning

It must be admitted, learning is not the most enjoyable activity. Spending hours studying a material is quite tiring. Not to mention in the middle of the road, our eyes often feel heavy because of the boredom that hit.

In fact, we need to continue to learn to increase insight and knowledge. Therefore, it is important for us to find the right method so that we can enjoy learning activities. Well, here are some tips that you can try to make your learning activities more exciting.

Find your biggest goal

Without a clear destination, you may get lost in the middle of the road because you don’t know where to go. The same thing happens if you study aimlessly. Therefore, before studying a material, you must have a list of targets that you must achieve when studying.

This will help you in compiling a map to get to your destination. You can also see how far you have gone and when you can stop. Thus, learning activities are clearer and you will be more focused on the map made.

Use the podomoro technique

Feeling bored while studying is normal. The human brain is simply not designed to exert too much mental effort. Therefore, we need to work around this. One of them by doing the podomoro technique.

This technique is known to lighten the performance of the brain and sharpen focus. Because, we will apply time intervals to do assignments or study and rest on the sidelines of activities. Here are the steps you can take.

Set a timer for 25 minutes to do homework or study
Rest for 5 minutes
Repeat the same process up to 4 times interval
Take a pause of 15 to 30 minutes and continue the process until your task is completed or your study target is achieved

Use interactive media

Reading books in black and white certainly invites excessive sleepiness. Just a few sentences, we’re already knocked out. It’s only natural, really. Therefore, it is recommended that you use interesting interactive learning media.

For example, you are a visual learner, which means that it is easier for you to understand something using certain colors, shapes, or images. Then you can try watching videos of learning material on YouTube.

Currently, there are many channels that offer explanations of material packaged through videos. Of course, this makes the material more vivid in your head so that you can understand it more easily.

Apply the Feynman technique

In the previous point we discussed the podomoro technique which applies time intervals while studying. Meanwhile, Feynman’s technique provides an effect that can make you understand the material faster. How come?

This technique was actually first introduced by Professor Richard Feynman, one of the world’s foremost physicists. According to him, active learning, such as taking notes and explaining it to others, can help us master a topic.

If you have a study group, you can apply this technique to your friends. Try to explain the material being studied and ask your friends to correct if there are parts that are wrong. Even if you don’t have a study group, you can do it yourself in front of the mirror while re-correcting your explanation.

Find a new atmosphere

Have you done the methods above, but your enthusiasm for learning is still decreasing? Maybe you are experiencing burnout or mental exhaustion. If you have this, you need refreshing to reduce the tedious saturation.

Once in a while, you can do what you like. For example, watching your favorite movie, cooking, or taking a vacation to the outdoors. Most importantly, you can balance learning with entertainment. After successfully expelling fatigue, you must return to discipline and be consistent in your study routine.

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