Here are 7 reasons why you should choose granite flooring

Granite is one type of natural stone with an exotic look that is commonly applied as the natural stone floor and natural stone wall tiles.

The application of granite floors and granite walls can make the room atmosphere change significantly. This is the reason why the granite floor is quite popular among millennials.

Unfortunately, the price is quite expensive making many people think twice to buy it. However, it does not mean natural stone this one is not worth buying. If you are still hesitant to select it, see the reason why you should use granite as a home floor.

Suitable for minimalist style house

For those of you whose home carries a minimalist style, granite is an option worth considering. Minimalist House is identical with a design that prioritizes detail rather than a motif.

The granite floor itself has refined details that perfectly fits the minimalist style furniture. In addition to motifs, the existence of this type of floor can also give the illusion of a wider space.

Give a luxurious impression

In addition to fitting with a minimalist style house, natural stone also identical with the appearance of a luxurious impression. This impression makes many people choose the granite to decorate their floor.


Usually, the surface of this natural stone floor has polishing. This causes the floor to be resistant to scratches. Well, now you know why this stone has a pretty expensive price? If you are a perfectionist, the granite floor is one of the options that can bring your residence more charming.

More durable

In addition to scratch resistance, the first floor is also known for its durability. Durable materials will save you in the future as you don’t have to change the floor often. Besides, you no longer need to worry about placing heavy furniture because this natural stone is known to have a strong structure.

Because one granite can withstand a burden of up to 500 kg. This is the difference between granite floors and fragile and cracked ceramics.

Relatively small water absorption

Compared with ceramic, the water absorption capacity of the granite floor is relatively small, namely 0.05%. Of course, this is what makes this natural stone popular on the world floor. Because this will facilitate the floor cleaning process that is usually quite troublesome.

Easy Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, this floor is quite easy to clean. You just have to wipe the damp cloth on the floor surface and immediately dry it with the dried cloth afterward. Also, don’t forget to use a special granite cleansing liquid every few weeks to avoid the crust stains.

Versatile patterns

The pattern on this one natural stone gives a lot of choice in terms of motives. From gem style, wood, to natural marble, there are plenty of options to suit your taste buds.

This natural stone is very suitable for various needs of the interior and exterior design of your residence.

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