Impact of Coronavirus

Impact of Coronavirus

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Our lives have changed dramatically in a  short period. Just the other day, you could move up and down to your favorite coffee shop for a cup of coffee or work. The coronavirus pandemic, which started as a non-issue in the city of Wuhan in China, has quickly escalated to have devastating effects globally.

The coronavirus is dangerously contagious, and this has resulted in several effects on our regular lives, and our world economy is suffocating day by day.  Some of the significant impacts of the virus are: 

·         Closure of learning institutions.

Schools are social places where you not only go to get an education to improve your chances of having a better future but also get to make friends and participate in social activities.

Due to its high nature of contamination, learning institutions have been closed world over, and learners have to learn from home through online classes, which have proved not to be easy. Closure of schools has led to the loss of jobs of the school staff.

·         Wastage of food and resources.

Food processing firms have been closed down as well as they were becoming hotspots for the spread of the virus. They employ hundreds of people who work round the clock to ensure that you get your food available in the supermarkets.

The irony is that farmers now have food in their farms that no one is buying due to the closure of schools and food processing firms who are huge customers. The food supply chain has been affected, and the supply of food is now a significant challenge.

·         Travel restrictions

Most governments have restricted movement of people from one country to another. The most recent travel restriction imposed by the USA on Brazil is an excellent example as Brazil has now become the new hotspot for the virus, with over 2000 deaths daily.

The only things that are allowed to move at the moment are essential goods such as medical supplies and food supplies. Travel restrictions have also led to the loss of jobs as airplanes have been grounded, and employees sent home.

·         Slashed greenhouse emissions.

One minor positive change that has come about as a result of the virus is the increase of air quality levels, which have improved dramatically due to low levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide been emitted.

This is because manufacturing industries have been closed down, global air traffic has also reduced, and there are no traffic jams as before since people are staying at home.

·        Lockdown

Countries that have been severely affected by this pandemic have had no choice but to impose lockdowns on its citizens. Lockdown is meant to reduce human contact to slow down the spread of the virus. Still, unfortunately, not everyone can survive during a lockdown, especially people who live hand to mouth.

Italy was one of the first countries to be severely affected by the virus, and they had to impose a lockdown in the country. After some time, the coronavirus curve leveled and is now manageable.

To wind up. You need to maintain social distance and follow health guidelines like wearing a mask and frequent handwashing. You should also be updated on the latest news by viewing