Master of Sport – Course structure and career options

The average salary for a Master of Sport(MS), Exercise & Sports Science Degree holder is $49,105 (£24,974 in the United Kingdom). According to web resources, some of the highest-paying jobs in this industry are:

Sports Manager: As a sports manager, you can expect to start your career at 50,000 USD/year and go on to make even 200,000 USD/year as your skills and experience increase.

Sports Agent: Sports agents working on commission can make about 88,000 USD/year.

Sports Therapist: As a sports therapist, you will be responsible for making sure athletes stay healthy and recover fast. The role will earn you around 76,000 USD/ year.

Sports science careers range from sports management and marketing roles to personal training, physiotherapy, and nutritional consultancy.

Employment options are available with various organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors, including professional sports clubs, sporting associations, personal health and fitness clubs, spas, and public sports and recreation facilities. Public the health sector (like the NHS in the U.K.), schools, colleges, and higher education institutions, or you may choose to set up your own business or consultancy.


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