Here’s one for all you engineers out there: what happens when a structure lacks integrity? Structural integrity ensures that the structure has the capacity to carry its intended load—and then some. When a structure lacks integrity, or if there is a structural failure, then catastrophe can occur. Think about how much we rely on the structural integrity of a bridge as we drive over it—how many thousands of cars over years and years must that bridge be able to handle without failing?

Now think about an ill-designed bridge—how do you feel? Would you drive over it? Structurally soundness provides is huge is preventing all kinds of accidents. When my preschooler is building something or climbing up on something, we often prompt her, “Do you feel safe?” In other words, “Does that structure have integrity?”

Okay, why all the STEAM talk, you’re wondering? Well, how do you feel around people

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ADN degree and BSN degree graduates are both registered nurses. The degrees prepare graduates for entry-level positions. They usually work side by side caring for patients: They administer care, monitor patients’ symptoms, and update medical charts, among several other duties. However, nurses with their BSN degrees deal with a greater variety of duties than nurses with their ADN. 

As mentioned earlier, The BSN degree also opens doors for leadership and management positions. If you are looking to work in nursing specialties like public health, education, and research, you will need a BSN degree.

A real-time job posting analysis software from examined more than 1 million nursing jobs posted over the past year and found in comparison of ADN vs BSN that RNs with an ADN degree met the minimum education requirements listed for 59 percent openings, while RNs with a BSN qualified for 98 percent of the jobs advertised.

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Education And TrainingScholarships, grants and funding alternatives for students whether or not part-time, full-time, with dependents, with disabilities and from low or middle-revenue households.

Using data from a nationwide survey of practically 9,000 Americans born between 1980 and 1984, McCauley estimated the cumulative probably of arrest by age 28 for individuals who thought-about themselves, or whose parents considered them, disabled. Disabilities ranged from blindness, deafness, missing a physique half or having an emotional or studying problem. A keen physiological issue that impacts studying, age, follows a typical sample of fast studying in childhood that levels off in adulthood. Evidence that as age increases physical limitations may happen that add difficulty to the mechanism concerned with education doesn’t show that age changes the mental capacity of adults who proceed to study. Of course, not all coaching will encompass such immersive andragogic strategies. At Typical Co, a completely new data system must all employees …

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I began teaching during a time when there wasn’t text messaging and parents didn’t shove a cell phone or iPad in their child’s hand to keep them entertained. Live streaming was a mystery and Netscape Navigator was the most popular Internet search engine.

After twenty years of teaching, textbooks have been replaced with Kindles and paperless mobile classrooms. I’m not a technology scrooge, but I often wonder if the decline in reading and the ability to problem solve is connected to this change.

When I first began teaching, there were less students who struggled with reading. There were even fewer students who struggled with comprehension. I think it was in my tenth year of teaching when I recognized the decline in just basic comprehension skills. To be quite honest, it has gotten progressively worse every year. Math teachers across the nation are struggling to teach complex math concepts to students

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Math can be a tricky subject to get excited about. I hear groans and complaints from time to time when I suggest that it’s math time. Sometimes we have to get sneaky about teaching math. If you’re following along with our Singapore Math video series I encourage you to look ahead at the lessons and store all those fun activities in your memory bank to draw from. If you aren’t using our math videos, that’s okay too. These tips for sneaking in math lessons will still be helpful. So, let’s go! 

  1. The kitchen is a great place to present math learning. Beyond using measuring spoons and cups (which I highly suggest when learning about measuring capacity and fractions), think about the food itself. Maybe for dinner you’re having a family pizza night. In our house, this means pizza dough from Trader Joe’s with all the toppings and cheese you can
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