professional degree vs academic degree

An academic degree also called a research degree, is a more traditional degree program than a professional degree. This type of degree is mainly research-oriented and focuses on a major in a specific field of study.

Academic degree programs include subjects like science (theoretical sciences), literature, history, etc., i.e., subjects consisting of more theory and essay-based material.

An academic degreeā€™s requirements involve completing courses and research work related to technical knowledge that you have gained throughout the program.

In discussion of Professional Degree vs Academic Degree usually, academic degrees also require students to submit a capstone/ FYP (Final Year Project) or a thesis to complete their degree. The period of academic degrees ranges from one to four years.

Students can choose an academic degree program from several available options depending upon their interests and career goals. These include Bachelors/Masters of Science, Masters in Computer Science, or a degree in Information Systems, etc.

The admissions in academic degrees are usually based on merit, i.e., on your previous grade score or a small-scale entry examination. Unlike Professional degree programs, an academic degree does not make you completely job-ready; however, it serves as a career-enhancer for anyone who opts for it.

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